Abdul Moimême, electric guitar.
Ernesto Rodrigues, viola.
Antez, percussion.

Second album of this formation.
Recorded live in 18th February 2018 at Lisboa Incomum.

Creative Sources

Antti Tolvi, elctronic, small gong, organ.
Christian Ronn, organ.
Antez, percussion.

Performed in 2017 for the Spir Festival Esbønderup Kirke in Græsted
and for the Organ Sound Festival at Koncerkirken in Copenhagen.
Recording by C. Ronn, mastering and graphic design by Antez.


Ernesto Rodrigues, octave viola & baritone violin.
Abdoul Moimême, electric guitar.
Antez, percussion.

2 tracks Recorded in studio in Lisboa in february 2016.
Recorded by John Klima at Scratch Built Studio, mastering Antez
graphic design by Carlos Santos.

Creative Sources

Yann Gourdon, hurdy gurdy.
Antez, percussion.

Performed 11/07/2014 for the Festival Ecouter pour l'instant in Temple Les Briands ST Avit ST Nazaire.
Sound ingenery and graphic design Antez.

Joris Rühl & Antez

Joris Rühl, clarinet.
Antez, percussion.

Performed 11/092012 WIM, Zurich, 26/04/2012 La Promotion, Grenoble. Sound ingenery Antez.
Etat du jour

5 years after the first record studio of the Continuum, an integral live Recording by Ludger Hennning at Klangkunstprojekte in Leipzig in april 2013.


11 tracks Composed, recorded in studio in Grenoble in 2010.

Azimut-Bandcamp sold out album