This an flexible workshop, open to everyone for one afternoon or more.

We are the authors of the world we perceive. Our reality exists only through consciousness, and consciousness would be vibration.  To create is to recreate,  creation can be an interpretation of vision. Vision is a burst of consciousness.
I use an simple educational path that carries out a permanent back and forth between perception and interpretation through transmission. From listening to drawing and from drawing to sound. A tool that stimulates the cognitive functions of the  participants at different levels, and to question their visions, to be able to compare them, to see them evolve through the filter of the personalities, until the moment of their return to their initiator.  It will also be an introduction to collective improvisation.
These moments of participatory sharing and exploration are marked by points of exchange, insight and learning.

I prefer to ask the participants to have attended one of my sound actions before the workshop, I consider this moment as the first step on this path where,
for a few hours, we will walk together.

13-14/10/2011 Metz at Fragment/Frac Lorraine, 20-21/09/2012 Berlin at TheaterBerendnis/City Contact, 22-23/04/2016 Torun at Kulturhauz,
27-28/12/2016  Athenes at Tiltrecordings, 14-15/01/2017  Novi Sad at CK13, 03-04/05/2017 Brno at Mosilana Hub,  03-04/06/2017 Tartu at Ülikooli Muuseum, 13-14/01/2018  Sandanter at Eureka, 03-04/03/2018  Madrid at galerie Cruce,  06-07/10/2018  Skopje at Socijalen centar Dunja,  23-24/04/2019  Krakov at  Szkola  Muzyczna,  27-28/05/2019  Sofia at The Lamp  Galeria,  30-31/01/2020  Braga at Barhaus, 14-15/02/2020 Caceres at Centro Integral de Musicoterapia, 22-23/082020 at Stalt Wehlen for Outsideinside.