I come from music, and for a little over twenty years vibratory phenomena have been at the centre of my sound work. Both in their means of production and in their propagation in matter, their diffusion and their interaction in space.With this in mind, I have created various devices that have allowed me to present my experiments in artistic installations, but also during performances. For the past fifteen years, I have been developing a personal acoustic playing technique. This choice came from the need to find a direct corporal relationship with the vibration and by extension to think the general organization of the phenomena and the matter on a vibratory mode.

Current Projects:
No Es, acoustic sound action.
Perception & Interpretation, workshop.
Un paso al vacio, workshop.
Brackish Temple, live installation.
Gloria, experimental rock.
Tizenket Teli Nap, Denes Döbrei, dance, Antez, acoustic sound action.
Les Bouillons de Fréquences, Liquid sculpture.